April 23, 2010

a lovely rainy day

thursday was cool and rainy, but it was a nice change. asher could not understand that he couldn't go out and play, and that made him so mad. but wonderful daddy got the umbrellas out and took a walk with the kids. i took a [much needed] work break, to go enjoy the rain a bit with them. thanks, james for being the best daddy to our kids. rain or shine, we all love you so much.

April 12, 2010

a QUICK update on life

so much has been going on around here, but i've neglected the blog... so sorry!
here is a quick update:

1. we are LOVING the sunshine! it has been so great to be outside. we have a great neighborhood of friends, so there are always big wheels and scooters out for fun!

2. james IS doing treatment at KU Med. they approved him to continue with the Erbitux infusion, so he is going on thursdays. this week will be his 3rd treatment.

3. abbbie had her birthday! she turned 6 years old. we had a week of celebration (the way us franz girls have always done it!) with an overnight to the great wolf lodge (thanks marjorie!), party at school, dinner out with gigi and papo and a fun bday 'GAME' party!

4. asher is loving the outside. he 'drives' a big wheel all over, complete with 'rrrrrrrrrrrrrr' sound effects. he is all boy! he loves hitting the baseball off the tee, and still loves going really high in his swing. it's hard to believe he'll be two next month! we have GOT to get rid of that pacifier soooooon.

5. the spring has brought many new clients in for business, and a lot of new beautiful babies have been born, which is keeping me busy! i just wish i could set up my desk in the back yard, rather than be in the basement. maybe one day i will.

summer time

summer time
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