May 28, 2010

mourning for my sister - posted by sarah

sometimes in life, we question why God does what He does. but we believe His Word to be true, and work hard to have the faith that He wants us to have.
this is going to be the daily challenge that me, my family, and my sweet little sister and her family are going to be facing.

on friday may 21st, my sweet nephew, wyatt, went to be with Jesus. this is only 9 months after his baby brother, zeke, went to be with Jesus. both were taken in an instant, by accidents that were completely unexpected.

why, Lord? why would you take both sons from my sister, Leah?

as you can imagine, her life has been turned upside down. not once, but twice. her little girl, Cassidy, and her husband, Tom are all facing new grief as they mourn losing Wyatt. and we all are trying to figure out how life is supposed to look now.

our daily sadness, mixed with constant questions, is exhausting. the memories and thoughts of him bring tears, but are so important in remembering the buddy we loved so much.

it is a reminder that life is not in our hands, that in an instant, we are faced with eternity. we are confident that Wyatt is in Heaven, being loved by our Father God. we believe, as parents, that our children are given to us by Him, and belong to Him. but never do we plan to have to give them back to Him... and in such an instant, at only 4 years old.

there are so many people who have been shaken by this. we hope that hearts will be turned towards Christ, who is our only salvation. he gave His life, so that we could know Him personally, and so that He could be our peace. we will need much peace as we struggle through this.

we do have hope to go on, knowing that it will be hard every day, but trusting that He will sustain us.

Wyatt is so loved by his cousins, his grandparents, his aunts and uncles, his friends and so many of us will find it so hard to enjoy life without him with us. but we will show our love for him, by remembering him and his joy for life, taking this moment to speak truth about the Savior, Jesus Christ, and the importance of being His child.

though i do not understand why God has chosen to work this way, and just say 'really, God?!' a lot, i will try to seek His face more, love others more, and pray to learn how to comfort and encourage Leah during this valley in life she is facing.

we miss you so much, sweet boy.
all our love to you, Wyatt.

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