September 15, 2010

what we're up to...

this week has been better... james is feeling less pain and able to sleep for larger blocks of time.
he still cannot sit down for very long, so we are hoping that will keep improving, so he can feel a little more normal. he is so tired of being on crutches to walk around all day!

i celebrated my 36th birthday and james thinks it is funny to point out that now i am closer to 40 than to 30... who cares!?? i will always feel like a teenager inside, sometimes still shocked that i am the mother of a first grader. how does that happen? i was so blessed by so many heart felt wishes and blessings from my oldest friends and my newest friends. it was a whole lot of love!

asher is talking up a storm, making full sentences that you can clearly understand. it is so fun to hear him react to things with 'big boy' thoughts. james started reading hop on pop to him and he loves the STOP- you must not hop on pop! it cracks us up to hear him try to read the rhymes.

abbie has been working on her handwriting and making new friends at school... it seems most of the new friends are boys, which isn't surprising. she's always had more boy friends than girls, but i didn't expect the 'change' in how she thinks about them to be so soon. though i know she doesn't really understand everything she is saying, she does understand love and that she wants to 'marry someone who is nice and funny like my dad'. so, in her class assignment she brought home today, i was impressed with her ability to correct the sentence with all the correct symbols. then on the back, they are supposed to write their own sentence using the word of the day. check it out, it is hilarious! [click on the image to see her handwriting!]

translation: i will have a crush on jack & tyler forever.

September 7, 2010

asher goes to school!

really, a two year old going to school? well, yes! abbie went to this little day school when she was two until she was 4, and it really suited her well and did a lot to prepare her for elementary school. asher always was a little sad when we dropped abbie off at school, but now he gets to go, so he is alright with it.
today we were up and ready to go, with loads and loads of excitement!
he chose his favorite green hat [neen hat] and put on his backpack [bat pat] and we were ready to roll. his teacher is 'miss angela' and she lives in our neighborhood! there are only 5 kids in his tuesday class and 7 on thursday.
i am excited for him to get out and make some new friends and have some structured playing and learning time. i always feel bad when i am working and he is playing ball all alone... now he will have friends to play with.
here is a glimpse into the fun day he had!

summer time

summer time
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