August 22, 2011

the 22nd... its been two months

we have survived the first two months of life without james. it has be very challenging at times, but overall we have done pretty well. abbie is back in school, starting 2nd grade, and has a fantastic teacher. i prayed that the Lord would place her in just the right classroom and she did get the teacher she wanted. i wanted to let her know about what's going on in our lives, so she can be in tune to abbie's needs and she wrote me the sweetest note back. she shared with me that her father died when she was 19, so she is aware of the heartbreak and struggle of losing someone so close. God knew that she would be perfect for abbie, and in this way, she knows even more what abbie is and will be experiencing. we are so grateful for that.
asher and i have been enjoying good time together, shopping and organizing and playing. it is nice to have one-on-one time with him and we laugh a lot! he is such a fun boy.
i have been doing well, adjusting to a good schedule for school, dinnertime and bedtime. getting the kids in bed early leaves me good time at night to work a little, watch some tv and get to bed a decent time. so far, it seems to be working out well for everyone.
i'm looking forward to getting back into some good Bible studies this fall. our community group is studying the book of James, after feeling led in many ways that this is what He wants us to do together. it is going to be good. and i'm joining 'the amazing collection' a wed. morning study at church that goes book by book through the Bible. it takes 3 years to complete and we're starting in Genesis. we do a full old testament book each week!! thank goodness james had bought the Bible on cd, so i can listen to the Word to stay caught up in the 'reading'. everyone who has done it says it is the absolute best study they have done in their lives. i am really excited to get into it.

thank you for continuing to pray for us, as we still need support and strength each day. the hardest times for me seem to be in our bathroom, getting ready, when things are quiet and i can picture him being there with me. it seems to be the most time i have to think, and i helped him so much in the mornings with everything, that it really brings back a lot for me. it is still hard for me to believe that I won't ever see him again, or do any of these things for him, but I get through it and am thankful that he doesn't need help with those things anymore. he is having the best time of his life, in the presence of our Savior and honestly that still makes me jealous. in time, we will share in it with him... until then, i will try to do the best i can with our kids, my personal walk with Christ and in my relationships with the people i love.

let's take the 22nd of each month to really try to focus on loving our families and friends, even when it seems hard, inconvenient, or a burden. i know we all want to do our best in loving others, but sometimes the 'duties' of life just keep that from happening. the phrase 'intentional living' was a deep theme of james' life, and i know we all need to keep being reminded of the importance of living that kind of life. i will do it... will you?

summer time

summer time
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