September 19, 2011

a view from the service

only when you feel ready... the friend who photographed james' service has posted a video on her blog. it is beautiful but brings tears. hard to watch, but so wonderful to watch. oh how thankful we are to have this documented. thank you becca spears for serving our family in this way.


Allison said...

That was one of the most beautiful things I've ever watched. It was hard to watch and the tears are flowing but I am thankful you have this. What an outpouring of love. What a beautiful testimony of God's grace.

I love you Sarah,
Allison Dull

random thoughts said...

Dearest Sarah and Family,
a life lived well will reap untold blessings that will carry on and on. honored to know you and your family. love you.
Karl and Wandean Rivers
Westview Community Church

Allison said...

Thinking of you today.

Love you friend,

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summer time
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